Sandwich maker: How to choose the best one in 2020

Sandwich maker How to choose the best one in 2020

Sandwich maker How to choose the best one in 2020

What not everyone knows is that this very traditional appliance has been modernized a lot and today it has many new features and tools to offer us.

Preparing sandwiches, meats and other snacks is a very common task in our daily lives, and a good sandwich maker, also known as a grill, can make this process much easier.

Here, we will take all your doubts on the subject and point out the best in the market today. Come with us!

First, the most important

  • The sandwiches (or grill) are electric appliances that grill, and, in some cases, cook foods like meats, vegetables and sandwiches. They are well known for their practicality.
  • One of the main advantages of this household appliance is that it is totally free from the use of oil, which can be an excellent outlet for those who want to reduce their consumption of fatty foods in their daily routine.
  • Electric sandwich makers are very affordable and therefore they sell a lot. It is unlikely that a model will exceed R $ 200.

The best sandwiches: Our suggestions

A sandwich maker can do more than make your bread warm. Soon we will talk about the benefits of this appliance. Now, we want to introduce you to the best models on the market, check out the Ranking below:


When utilizing this strategy for a griddle, it is possible to open it horizontal and get double the surface. Additionally, there are preset temperatures that are best for steaks, sandwiches, or hamburgers. The front feet may be corrected to drain the most quantity of dirt and you’ll always know if the machine is on and the surface is prepared as a result of its indicator lights. The plates are dishwasher safe and the brushed stainless steel is easy to clean and matches almost any kitchen.


This is the ideal sandwich manufacturer owing to its capacity to create up to 2 sandwiches at the same time. The machine will brown and secure your sandwich and also contains a diagonal indentation so that you can readily slice your sandwich with no knife. The grill plates are nonstick so that you may easily get out your food and cleanup. The system is flexible enough to make French toast or omelets.


Like the majority of the other finest sandwich manufacturer and panini presses, this one has nonstick grids to make it a lot easier to clean in addition to indicator lights for power and preheating so it’s possible to find the ideal temperature. Storage is easy using the cord’s ability to wrap into its designated place and also the choice to put away the sandwich manufacturer vertically. The white colour matches any kitchen along with also the device is fast and simple to use.

Buying Guide

With the daily rush, we are often looking for ways to optimize our time and facilitate some processes of our routine, such as our own food. The sandwich maker helps a lot in times of haste. Continue with us to learn how to buy the ideal sandwich maker for your home.

Buying Guide

What is a sandwich maker?

In busy times, electric sandwiches are a good way out. These small appliances, as the name suggests, are easy to move and offer a very practical result, in addition to being very tasty.Because they are practical, you can carry and use your sandwich maker not only at home, but at work and in other environments where you have easy access to an outlet.

Sandwiches, also known as grill, heat, grill and bake sandwiches, meats, vegetables and other types of food with great agility, allowing you to do other tasks while preparing your snack.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the sandwich maker?

An advantage of these household items is that they are a great ally in healthy eating, since they do not use oil at all.In some cases, the grill itself has a fat collecting mechanism on its grill, which removes the excess fat released by the food being grilled.

In the current market, there are sandwiches of different sizes, models and styles, with advanced technologies and modern accessories. This traditional appliance is more and more updated, perfect for every type of kitchen.

Because they are small, they hardly interfere with the provision of other appliances, even in the smallest spaces.

Although some of them have a wide range of recipes, others, however, only grill and are indicated only for sandwiches. Each model has its own pattern.

Grills that have a lid are also great for cooking food, and are often the most complete and most expensive. The simpler models are smaller, but they will hardly do more than grill a hamburger or sandwich.

The advantages are innumerable, but it is always good to be aware of some not so comprehensive points when buying your ideal sandwich maker.


  • Practical and portable
  • No need for oil
  • Food gets ready quickly
  • Very easy to clean


  • Some are only suitable for sandwiches
  • Some only grill
  • Not all have temperature control

What is the difference between a sandwich maker and a grill?

Like most appliances, the sandwich maker also has its variations. The specific type of utensil that will work best for you will depend a lot on what your goals are with it.Although electric sandwich makers are very faithful to what they promise, it is not always possible to find all functions in one model, and then you will need to decide which one will best suit your needs.

There are two very common types to find on the market, they are the sandwiches themselves and what we call a grill.

Classic sandwiches are the easiest to find out there, and also the cheapest. They are indicated mainly for sandwiches, hot sandwiches and small hamburgers .

In these sandwiches you can also heat and grill lean steaks, but you must be careful that the weight of the top plate does not make your steak look strange.

As we already mentioned in the previous topic, specifically these models are ideal to take and use at work, as they are small, light and very easy to use.

In summary, they are an excellent option if you don’t have a lot of time to prepare your snack and prefer to streamline the processes. They are a great way to melt cheese and warm bread.

The grill is also a great help when it comes to making life easier in the kitchen. Despite having a function very similar to a traditional sandwich maker, some points differ both.

This type of appliance is the most suitable if you are looking for something to grill and cook meat and vegetables. In it you can also heat up sandwiches, but it is not the most suitable model for this, as it has only one plate.

The structure of the grill works differently, since it looks a bit like a pan: it has a plate, a lid and temperature control. Therefore, it is the perfect indication if your goal is to cook something without using oil.

Usually, the recipes made using the grill tend to be a little more elaborate, but that is not why they are complicated or time consuming. Both types of appliances work very quickly.

Both models are good options when preparing some recipes, and an excellent option for those who want to reduce oil consumption in their meals. Our goal here is for you to understand what each product has to offer to make the best choice for your kitchen.

How to clean the sandwich maker?

A warm bread is a wonderful thing early on, however, waking up and seeing the dirty sandwich maker before using it is not pleasant for those who wake up hungry. Therefore, the ideal is to always clean after use. It is worth combining this with all the members of the house.To learn how to clean your sandwich maker follow this simple step by step:

  1. Unplug the appliance and wait for it to cool down a bit, so that you can touch the plate.
  2. If your sandwich maker has removable plates, just wash them in the sink with the yellow side of the sponge and neutral detergent. And rinse off the foam.
  3. If the neutral detergent is not enough, you can use vinegar with a soft toothbrush, smoothly wiping everywhere to avoid damaging the non-stick coating on the plates.
  4. It is necessary to pass a damp cloth in the place where the plates are after they are removed (The rule of brush with vinegar also applies here!). Before placing them, make sure it is dry.
  5. You can use toothpicks to reach small places and remove any and all particles, but do this before wiping the final cloth.
  6. If it’s not that practical, turn your sandwich maker over in the sink to drop the thicker crumbs.
  7. After that, pass the toothpick in every corner. You can apply the yellow part of the sponge or use the toothbrush to apply a little vinegar. Do not use detergent as you cannot rinse. Immediately wipe with a damp cloth to remove the vinegar, followed by a dry cloth.
  8. After cleaning inside, wipe the outside.

Ready, so it will be clean for the next time you need to use. Keeping the sandwich maker clean and important for your health.

How much does a sandwich maker cost?

Of all the household items that are part of a kitchen, the good news is that the sandwich maker is definitely among the cheapest.Of course, the value in addition to depending on the brand, is always associated with how modern and complete a product is, but in general, this type of appliance does not usually weigh much in the pocket.

The average price of a standard sandwich maker, with good, but basic functions, varies between R $ 100 and R $ 200. If you are looking for an even simpler model, you should find sandwiches that cost even less than that.

The most modern models with the most technology involved are the most expensive, but they are still no more than R $ 300.

Typically, grills tend to have a slightly higher value than standard sandwiches, because they are larger, have more accessories and their results tend to be more comprehensive.

Sandwiches, in general, have the advantage of being affordable, which makes them a very common domestic utensil in the kitchens of world.


Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare the different sandwich maker models

Like all appliances, there are some factors that make all the difference in a good sandwich maker, they are:

  • Size
  • Temperature
  • Fat collector
  • Grill
  • Wire holder

Below, we will give you all the details of each one of these items so that there is no lack of information when buying your own electric sandwich maker.


The size of the sandwiches can vary slightly, which gives you good choices based on your personal demand.

If you live alone or with just one partner, a simple, small sandwich maker should be enough to meet your needs. But if you share a house with a large family, you should prioritize the larger ones.

Usually, the biggest sandwiches are in the grill pattern, and some even have up to 40cm, enough space to grill several steaks or sandwiches at the same time.


According to the regulation standards for this type of appliance, the maximum temperature allowed in a sandwich maker is 90 ° C. Most of them reach this temperature, or something very close to that.

The most modern sandwich makers have temperature control with at least 4 different possibilities, which is of great help for the preparation of very different recipes.

Fat collector

The older electric sandwich makers didn’t even dream that one day the fat collector technology would be possible.

The fat collectors are a kind of filter present in the sandwich plates that suck out any excess fat that is eliminated by the food being grilled.

In addition to being a great help for health, they also collaborate for the cleaning and hygiene of the utensil.

Usually, the best and most modern portable computers of this type have this technology, which, of course, must be taken into account when choosing a model for your home.


The layout of the grills of a sandwich maker must also be taken into account.

As we explained earlier, common sandwiches have two grill plates, which serve to compress the food. The grill sandwich maker has only one.

Once again, the decision on this issue is 100% personal, since both models have their advantages and disadvantages.

Another factor to be taken into account is that some sandwiches have a removable grill, which is of great help when cleaning, and some of them can even be placed in the dishwasher, if you have one.

Finally, there are specific grids for some foods, such as waffles and crepes. If you are looking for a sandwich maker for specific recipes like these, it is interesting to research a little more about these models.

Wire holder

For many, an appliance with a wire holder may seem like something very basic, however, some products do not have this accessory.

Before you buy, pay attention to this issue, because although it doesn’t look like it, a wire holder prevents your sandwich maker’s power cord from being damaged, in addition to being a great organizational factor when storing your product.

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