Pizza oven: What are the best models in 2020?

Pizza oven What are the best models in 2020

Pizza oven What are the best models in 2020

Specially developed to bake this Italian delicacy appreciated worldwide, pizza ovens recreate the traditional technique of wood-fired masonry ovens, so that you can reproduce recipes worthy of Italian canteens at home.

This review will present the best pizza ovens available on the market, in addition to the features and functions you must pay attention to in order to choose the most suitable for your recipes.

First, the most important

  • The market has several oven options designed especially for baking pizzas. From the simplest to the most sophisticated models, all rely on techniques and technologies to approximate the result of the preparation to that obtained in a traditional wood-fired pizza oven.
  • Model, power, capacity, power supply, accessories included and product dimensions are some characteristics to be considered at the time of purchase.
  • Pizza oven prices vary widely according to the size, model and technology employed. It is possible to find more domestic models from R $ 250, while the more sophisticated ones can exceed R $ 2,000.

Ranking: The 3 best pizza ovens

It is possible to bake a pizza at home and guarantee a flavor similar to that of pizzerias. The pizza oven was designed for that. So, here we list the best ovens of different types, check out:

(Bakes with gasoline, charcoal, wood, or pellets) The Ooni Guru is the most important and the very flexible pizza oven. It may make pizzas as large as 16 inches in diameter, and you’ll be able to pick between three different fuel sources: gas, propane, or pellets. (The pellet hopper and gasoline attachments are sold individually.) When most ovens utilize thick and dense layers of insulation to keep heat, the Ooni utilizes ceramic fiber and amazingly mild, stainless steel. Additionally, it is simple to build, and lovely enough to function as a garden centerpiece. Be warned, however: it is heavy and hard to transport. Our Purchase button links directly into Ooni’s shop, however, Amazon also sells the Ooni Guru .

(Bakes with timber ) If you are outside in the forests, the last thing you need to do is drag a gas tank outside with you. BioLite’s BaseCamp is efficient for several chopped sticks and you are all set to go. Although our reviewer was just able to acquire up the grill to 250 levels, that was sufficient to cook a frozen pizza completely. We advise you to deliver a backpack cooler along with a hatchet, and prepare your gasoline source before beginning your cooking. You might even use it to make toast for breakfast, and then control your cell phone. We connected to BioLite’s shop, however, Amazon also conveys the BioLite Stove and Pizza Oven attachment.

(Bakes with gasoline ) Pizzacraft makes a couple of versions on the high-temperature pizza oven, at relatively inexpensive price points. If you are able to discover a past-season version of this Pizzeria Pronto (Walmart also sells it), this is my choice for the best budget toaster. Additionally, it is the sturdiest oven, which functions best on irregular floor, and is the simplest to transport. I got it around 800 degrees at full throttle, but you are going to want to back off the temperature a little. Considering that the shirt is not insulated, you are going to burn off the bottom of your own pizza if you set the temperature too large.

Buying Guide

Who doesn’t like pizza? Do you know someone? Some people choose not to eat because they live a regulated life in the diet, but not to like it, is yet to be born. So making pizza for friends is a success.

Have you ever thought about making them even tastier with a pizza oven? Stay with us until the end that we will explain everything about them.

Buying Guide

What is the portable pizza oven and what are its advantages?

Formerly restricted to restaurants and pizzerias, the pizza oven is increasingly present in the home of lovers of this delicacy. But if you don’t have space, money or prefer something more practical than the traditional masonry oven, there are alternatives.

The market has innovated in the models and technologies of homemade and portable pizza ovens, which allow to imitate the classic technique of the wood oven from several devices: using electricity, gas or even using flame from your stove or barbecue, for example.

With these products you can bake pizzas worthy of Italian canteens at home, quickly and conveniently. You can choose the model that best suits your home’s facilities, such as available space, quantities of energy and gas points, etc.

Domestic pizza ovens usually bake only one pizza at a time. However, the preparation time is usually quite fast, which makes the product perfectly capable of preparing festivals or pizza casters quickly and conveniently.

Some models may require a little more user technique. However, the vast majority accompanies cookbooks and instructions for use. Many brands also offer online videos to exemplify best practices for use.


  • It dispenses works and takes up little space, It is portable
  • There are models with different heat source options


  • Some models require practice of pizzaiolo
  • Usually only one pizza is baked at a time

What types of pizza oven?

Few know, but the real reason that prevents us from making a good pizza in traditional ovens is the temperature. The dough needs temperatures from 350º C to reach its ideal point. Conventional ovens usually reach a maximum of 280º C.

Therefore, one of the first factors to be checked when choosing a pizza oven is the temperature it is capable of reaching.

The oven temperature will guarantee quick preparation and the right point of the dough: the hotter, the faster the oven, and the crunchier and softer the dough will be inside.

The choice of oven type deserves a lot of attention. Start by thinking about what the product will be used for, and where and where it will be used.

portable wood oven , for example, is for those who have more space and time. It requires more practice to use and can take a long time to warm up.

Some may have difficulty knowing the ideal amount of firewood and temperature. Therefore, give preference to models with a temperature indicator.

Care must also be taken in choosing the installation location, as the oven produces smoke and warms the environment.

If you choose electric or gas models , check the voltage and power. Make sure that there are gas and energy points suitable for use of the product, as well as space to accommodate them.

Most pizza ovens need a flat surface to operate and should be kept away from walls, curtains, cabinets and other types of heat-sensitive materials.

Power and temperature are decisive in the preparation time. If your goal is practical, prefer models that reach high temperatures in a short time.

Remember: handling pizza requires the use of special tools. Check that the utensils accompany the product. Otherwise, make sure that they are available in your region in the appropriate dimensions for the chosen model.

Finally, don’t forget to check if the manufacturer’s recommendations fit the intended use of your product.

The table below lists some characteristics of each type of pizza oven and can help you choose the model that best suits your needs.

How much?

The price of the pizza oven varies widely according to model, type, material of manufacture, capacity and brand.

There are models starting at R $ 250, but you can also find more sophisticated types for more than R $ 2,000.

Purchase criteria: Factors to qualify the different pizza oven models

No one is required to be an expert on the product they want to purchase. But if you followed this article up here, it is because you want to make a good purchase, choosing your oven as a professional pizza maker.

We will present some characteristics that will allow you to compare the products to choose the oven that best suits you:

  • Model
  • Feeding ways
  • Wattage
  • Capacity

Below, you will understand the importance of paying attention to these points.


There are benchtop, built-in pizza ovens with wheels and feet for transportation from one corner to another in the house. They also come in a variety of shapes: round, square or rectangular.

Choose the model according to the space available and the design that suits you best.


Feeding ways

Pizza ovens can be powered by wood, gas or electricity. There are also those that are attached to the stove or barbecue flame.

Choosing the way of feeding will be more practical and accessible for you: firewood can be difficult to obtain. Some stoves and barbecues may not support the pizza oven.

Gas models, on the other hand, need a gas point, as well as electric ones for a power point. Check the specifications carefully to see if they fit your home.


The oven’s power defines the maximum temperature it will reach and how long.

To bake optimally, the oven must reach at least 350º C.

The faster the oven is able to reach high temperatures, the more practical and efficient the pizza preparation process will be.

Consider investing in an oven that has at least the minimum temperature mentioned. Otherwise, you won’t get the flavor you want.



Most home pizza oven models bake one pizza at a time. The variation occurs in the diameter, which allows to bake smaller or larger pizzas.

If you need a model that bakes two or more pizzas at the same time, consider buying a semi-industrial oven.

Always read the product description to check the internal measurements, so you will have no problem baking the pizzas of the size you want.


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