INOVANT (S-Series) SF178 Chest Freezer, Grey

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  • The INOVANT (S-Series) SF178 Chest Freezer provides ample storage space for your frozen go..
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    The INOVANT (S-Series) SF178 Chest Freezer provides ample storage space for your frozen goods while offering durability and efficiency. With its manual defrost system, the SF178 gives you full control over maintenance, enabling you to ensure optimal performance over time.

    The freezer has a single folding door, which offers easy access and helps maximize the use of space. It stands at dimensions of 825*535*855mm, offering generous internal storage while maintaining a compact footprint. Its single-temperature system simplifies operation and ensures consistent cooling throughout the unit.

    Designed for 110V power systems, the SF178 is electric-powered, making it an easy fit into most home electrical systems. It comes in a silver grey color, offering a clean, minimalist aesthetic that will blend seamlessly with a variety of kitchen designs.

    One key advantage of the SF178 is the after-sales service provided. You receive free spare parts to cover any potential needs within the warranty period, further enhancing the unit's value. Additionally, the SF178 Chest Freezer comes with a 1-year warranty, assuring you of its quality and longevity.

    The unit is shipped in a package measuring 870*580*870mm, ensuring its safe transport and delivery. The gross and net weights are 35kg and 38kg respectively, indicating the robustness and durability of this chest freezer.

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