INOVANT (S-Series) SD220 Clothes Dryer

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  • Take control of your laundry with the INOVANT (S-Series) SD220 Clothes Dryer. This state-o..
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    Take control of your laundry with the INOVANT (S-Series) SD220 Clothes Dryer. This state-of-the-art appliance offers a mix of power, practicality, and innovative features that ensure your clothes are dried efficiently and with the utmost care.

    This unit can handle a hefty 10KG load with its robust stainless steel drum, making it the perfect choice for large households or those with heavy laundry demands. The durable drum material ensures longevity and consistent performance, even under frequent use.

    An outstanding feature of the SD220 is the built-in anti-wrinkle function. This innovative solution helps to significantly reduce creasing, making your post-laundry work easier and more efficient. Along with this, the powerful sterilization rate of >99.99% guarantees hygienic and safe drying.

    User experience is at the forefront with the SD220, offering positive reversal, a front lint filter, and an audible buzzer for cycle completion. The 180° door opening offers easy loading and unloading, and child lock safety feature provides peace of mind for households with young children.

    With the auto power off and auto stop drying features, the machine is designed to save energy and protect your garments from overheating. The double temperature control switch and over-temperature alarm set at 78°C offer further safety measures, while the 'start again' function upon door reclosure adds to the convenience.

    After the drying process, clothes retain a minimal water content of ≦5%, ensuring they are nearly ready-to-wear right out of the dryer. This impressive machine operates at a noise level between 58-62dB, ensuring a quiet operation that won't disrupt your home environment.

    The SD220's sleek design measures 595*580*840mm, making it an excellent fit for most laundry rooms. Its packing dimensions are 658*620*875mm, making it suitable for safe and convenient delivery.

    Experience the ease and efficiency of the INOVANT (S-Series) SD220 Clothes Dryer. A valuable addition to any modern laundry routine.

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