INOVANT (S-Series) SA200 Front Loading Washing Machine

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  • INOVANT (S-Series) SA200 Washing MachineEfficient and designed for the modern household, t..
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    INOVANT (S-Series) SA200 Washing Machine

    Efficient and designed for the modern household, the INOVANT (S-Series) SA200 Washing Machine offers a seamless blend of functionality, performance, and style. Its 10kg washing capacity makes it ideal for medium to large-sized families, ensuring your laundry tasks are handled with ease.

    Built with a powerful 700W washing motor, the SA200 ensures optimal cleaning and care of your clothes. Whether it's everyday wear or heavier items like blankets and towels, this machine's robust power caters to all your washing needs. The efficient 400W spin-dry power delivers a quick drying process, reducing laundry time and saving you valuable time and effort.

    Despite its power and capacity, the SA200 maintains a compact footprint, with machine dimensions of 600x550x850mm. This sleek design makes it a perfect fit for any home, while its 60kg net weight ensures stability during operation. For safe and convenient shipping, the gross weight including packaging is 63kg, with packing dimensions of 660x580x890mm.

    Additional features of the SA200 include user-friendly controls, a variety of wash and spin cycles, and energy-efficient operation, all housed within a durable and stylish casing. This washing machine from INOVANT's S-Series is not just an appliance but a commitment to cleaner, smarter, and more efficient living.

    Trust the INOVANT (S-Series) SA200 Washing Machine to take care of your laundry, while you take care of what matters most.

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